Children need sophisticated vocabulary…..

A friend recently gifted to me three “old” books. No longer in print, he found old copies and sent them to me. This past weekend I curled up, started to read, and immediately was immersed in pool of complex words – rich vocabulary, different sounds, a few words that I had to more or less figure out based on the context. Reading this book is reminding me of how important vocabulary is in the nurturing of children. We need to read aloud books with words they don’t always understand, so they will grow accustomed to the sound and texture of words, so they will need to explore meanings, check their dictionaries, read around a word to figure it out. We need to let children check out books from the library that are beyond their “level”. Vocabulary is expansive – the more access to it, the wider and richer your education.

And not only reading sophisticated vocabulary, but using it in our speech. Trying it out, expressing yourself with a new word.

This is one of the hidden dangers in a texting/messaging/simple posting world. We lose a taste and love for flavor, and the world settles for abbreviations and shortcuts.

Children need books and laps to sit in while enjoying books and books that they don’t completely understand and moments before sleep as they enjoy a new story – such delight.

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  1. Phyllis Kroese says:

    I remember when our children reached five years old they could get their OwN Library card. When my husband and I travel, there will books in the luggage. Great memories.

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