If we want to offer bread…..

If we want to offer bread, we need to make bread, and the bread making process takes time. We could go purchase it from a store, neatly packaged and sliced, but it’s not the same as a fresh, homemade loaf from the oven. I think we all know this deep down, we simply wouldn’t choose a day old bread in its package if we smelled something baking in the kitchen.

Mix the yeast in warmth and let it bubble. Press and pull and knead the dough. Let the flour end up on your nose. Set the bowl in the warm sunshine. Return to shape and mold some more. Bake in the hearth of life.

Here’s to families that take the time.

Here’s to families that have learned how to mix their ingredients into something delightful.

Here’s to families that know how to linger, to wait.

Here’s to families that let life rise up.

Here’s to the families that share their bread with others.

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  1. Phyllis Kroese says:

    Such a tender way to explain family development….an addition to your words could be the basic yeast bread can be made into a wonderful array of end products…we all are unique

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