Family as a Perpetual Relay of Truth – Post 6 of 10

Truth is headline news these days, but I think it has always been and will always be a running current in and around our notion of reality. We all have a deep need to know the truth, to know that somewhere somehow we are held by something deeper and wider and higher and longer than we are. God is truth and truth is God. Indisputable reality, unavoidable evidence. Truth isn’t negotiated apart from God, when we bump up against truth, we find Him.

How clear it is. The truth of the existence and the character of God is to be made known to the children and the children’s children. We are responsible for our children and for our grandchildren, for our nieces and nephews and our grand-nieces and grand-nephews. That they may know what? The wonder of who God is, what God has done, what God has said, and what He has meant to those doing the telling. There must be some reality to relate, some true understanding of God to pass down. Edith Schaeffer, What is a Family?

I think we need to be better about exploring truth with our children. We need to be very careful not to overlay every discussion with our personal take on truth or how we would like the truth to be. Let’s give children ready access to God – through the Word, nature, history, science, story, fantasy, mathematics, pattern. We need to immerse ourselves in the Word with our children – chew on it, ask questions, seek, knock. I think we want children to find the Rock and cling to it, and so, we need to be searching for truth as well, probing for it, looking for it as hidden treasure.

We need to remind our children that are already known, chosen, blessed. We are beloved, sought, cherished. We are pursued relentlessly by our Creator. This is truth, and it needs to shine bright.

Truth is so very, very important when we work with children who have been abused, abandoned, tossed aside. As we minister and walk alongside them in the suffering, much of what we do is the slow work of untangling truth from lies. Children were designed to seek connection and trust with their caregivers, when evil twists that in dark and horrific ways, it is a long, slow road to the King. We walk ever so gently and carefully because lies have settled in their soul, and the King needs time to minister in places we cannot see. Slowly but surely the deep love and power of Jesus begins the healing process, and always truth is present.

Lots to think about here, such a critically important topic in our work.

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  1. Phyllis Kroese says:

    The truth is: I am so proud of you. Thanks for your life of truth.

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